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Installing a gas detection system is highly recommended in the collective gas-fired boiler rooms of buildings and cogeneration units.

This equipment is mainly used to protect oneself against any risks of an explosion in the event of a gas leak (e.g. methane – CH4). It also offers protection against toxic carbon monoxide fumes should the combustion units fail.
The detectors are connected to a central unit which will analyse the incoming signals and then trigger the alarm process and the closing of the solenoid valve.

Most gas-fired boilers operate without any continuous monitoring. Since the gases used are generally odourless, a gas leak may go unnoticed.

Gas detection systems in boiler rooms help to significantly reduce such risks by automatically triggering a general gas cut-off (through a gas safety solenoid valve) when flammable gases are detected (liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas).

Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 


Gas detection equipment in boiler rooms are subject to specific regulations :

Explosive gas detectors should be installed above the burner for effective detection of gases that are lighter than oxygen, especially natural gases. On the other hand, they should be placed below the burner if the monitored explosive gases are heavier than air. 

Some boiler rooms are installed in high-ceiling premises. If the ceiling is higher than 3 metres, the explosive gas detector must be placed at the highest point or the boiler room's suction. The expansion station, general gas supply system, by-passes and shut off valves should not be ignored, and adding one or more gas detectors may sometimes be necessary, depending on the potential danger they represent.

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Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 

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