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The number of fixed and portable gas detectors measuring all substances is limited, given the impressive number of existing gases. Colourimetric gas detection tubes are simple, accurate and economical gas detection devices that help overcome this problem.

They are a suitable solution for exotic gases when "classic" equipment is not available. There are two main types of gas detection tubes :


Colourimetric gas detection tubes are devices designed for on-the-spot measurement of gases. They accurately measure gas concentration within a few seconds.

This measuring system is composed of a manual sampling pump and tubes filled with chemical reagents specific to the target gas.

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Also known as dosi-tubes, dosimetric detector tubes monitor time-weighted average measures (TWA) of gases and substances.
This means that they evaluate gas presence over a given period of time (usually 8 hours) set by official occupational safety organisations.

Dosimetric detector tubes are widely used to measure exposure to toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and exhaust gases in offices and buildings open to the public. Small and light-weight, dosimeter tubes are equipped with a tube holder and clip to wear them close to the breathing tract for accurate measurement of the inhaled concentrations. 

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