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Firefighters face many risks during their interventions.
Explosion and intoxication risks due to the presence of specific gases are always real and, therefore, fire brigades must be able to assess them both for their own safety and that of the population.
Firemen can rely on their toxicity and explosiveness detection and measuring devices.

Whether during fires in enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, outdoor fires generating a lot of smoke (vehicle fire) or in situations where a toxic atmosphere is suspected (leak of a hazardous substance), firefighters can use open or closed-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus.
All tandems are equipped with them and check each other (pressure, whistle, airtightness) by opening the valve, breathing a puff or two, reading the pressure on the manometer, closing the valve until the whistle blows and then feel the tightness as the mask rests on the face.

Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 

Fire Fighting

Detection System

Fire alarm -Arc detector - Flame arrester -Manual fire alarm trigger -Self-contained carbon monoxide detector and alarm -Self-contained smoke detector and alarm -Firewall -Fire door -Siren

Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 


Self-contained Breathing Apparatus – Air-purifying respiratory protection equipment - Water Bomber Aircraft -Bambi bucket -Firefighter's helmet -Flexible tank -Wet standpipe -Dry riser - Hazmat suit -Fire blanket -Fire extinguisher -Water sprinkler -Fire lorry -Large Ladder -Water Bomber Helicopter -Hydrant -Fire Hose -Swivel Hose Reel -Motor Pump -Nomex -RIA -Super Scooper -Fire Hose

Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 


Fire categories - Combustion - Tandem -Widespread conflagration -Smoke explosion -Ship fire -Fire - Forest - Bush -Vehicle - Flame - Flame front

Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 

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