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Explosive gas detectors (hydrocarbons, solvents), asphyxiating gas detectors (lack of oxygen), VOC gas detectors (Volatile Organic Compounds), and an impressive range of toxic and/or rare gas detectors. 

Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine


  • Toxic or explosive gas and O2 detector
  • Flameproof or intrinsic-safety sensors
  • Analogue/digital detector with 3 sensing heads
  • 3 integrated relays and non-intrusive calibration
Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 


 Infrared ATEX explosive (flammable) gas and CO2 detector

  • Infrared detector for explosive gases
  • SIL2-certified, MTBF above 28
  • Heated optics, dirty optics compensation, double source
  • Low maintenance, perfect for both onshore and offshore platforms
Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 


Infrared absorption CO2 detector-transmitter (from 1 to 50%)

Carbon dioxide detector-transmitter using Infrared technology, 4-20 mA linear output for CO2 detection (1 to 50%) in unclassified areas

Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 


ATEX explosive or toxic gas detector
Specially designed for boiler room and parking lot applications

Portable Gas Installation Ivry-sur-Seine 

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