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PARKING, Eaubonne


Gas detection systems are used to measure the concentration of harmful gases emitted by car combustion engines.
Beyond a certain threshold, the parking’s air renewal system is automatically activated.

There are two types of dangerous gases :
Carbon monoxide (especially from petrol vehicles)
NOx (Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, etc.) mainly emitted by diesel vehicles.

Other systems can detect the abnormal presence of gases like LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), or hydrogen originating from the charging of electric vehicles.
Exhaust gas detection systems are mandatory for public parking areas and all car parks accommodating more than 500 vehicles.

We can also handle the maintenance of your parking’s ventilation system  (extractors, electrical cabinets, fireboxes, etc.).

Specially designed for boiler room or car park applications, OLCT10 sensors detect explosive fumes and gases or toxic combustion gases in the ambient air.

Fixed Gas Installation Saint-Denis

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