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Inspection and Maintenance

The performance of gas detectors, like that of all other measuring instruments, is influenced by external factors (temperature, humidity, interfering gases, etc.) and, hence, changes over time.

These systems must, therefore, be inspected periodically and serviced to the manufacturer’s specifications by qualified personnel. It is recommended each detector be accompanied by a follow-up sheet  (inspections, calibration, maintenance, incidents, etc.).

On-site Installation of Gas Detectors

Gaz Protec Services handles all the stages of your project, from site evaluation and assessment to on-site installation. We also specialise in the setting up and configuration of your gas detectors and control panels, user training, periodic inspections, calibration and on-site repairs and troubleshooting.

Collaborating mainly with Oldham and Industrial Scientific, we rely on their extensive network of competent field technicians who ensure a quick job.

Gas Detector Rental Ivry-sur-Seine

On-site Maintenance and Calibration of Fixed Gas Detectors

In addition to one-off interventions, we offer maintenance contracts for on-site maintenance and calibration of fixed gas detectors to ensure your control system is in perfect working condition.

Gaz Protec Services also handles the manufacture of electrical cabinets and other gas projects, including the bleeding of gas facilities, the setting up of gas lines, the installation of gas safety solenoid valves, or any other gas line job.

What Sets Us Apart :

Proven expertise in gas detection
An extensive network of partners both in France and abroad
Manufacture of customised electrical cabinets and gas lines
Fixed gas detector maintenance and calibration, along with a calibration certificate

Gas Detector Rental Ivry-sur-Seine


Feel free to contact us for one-off projects, such as area gas monitors and portable detectors. We provide you with quick solutions.

Renting a gas detection system is often the most appropriate solution for your specific needs or one-off projects. You don’t have to invest in new equipment, it does not require any maintenance or periodic inspection, and you save yourself the hassle of having to calibrate or repair it. Your budget for gas detection is, therefore, constant.

Our highly responsive gas detector rental team will quickly meet your needs, be it for a portable single-gas detector, portable multi-gas detector, an area gas monitor or a bump test and calibration station. Thanks to our large stock and efficient logistics service, we can deliver your equipment within 24 to 48 hours.

Gas Detector Rental Ivry-sur-Seine

Advantages of gas detector rental :

  • Immediate availability: thanks to our extensive inventory, we can meet all needs quickly
  • 2 packages : weekly or monthly rental. These packages allow us to meet the most specific needs. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, the budget for gas detection corresponds to the rental package chosen.
  • Long-term rental over one or more years is also possible so that you no longer need to worry about periodic inspections, calibrations or the purchase of calibration gas cylinders.
  • Ready-to-use equipment: all our portable gas detectors and area gas monitors are delivered fully charged and ready to use with a French user manual and the up-to-date calibration certificate covering the entire length of use.
  • This allows you to familiarise yourself with our product range before making any purchase. It also meets specific needs, such as technical shutdowns. 
Gas Detector Rental Ivry-sur-Seine


You carry out your own installation, but we handle the commissioning.

Once we have checked the wiring, we will perform the zero setting and calibrate the sensors with the reference gas. We will then carry out a real test on servo controls. 

Our team will hand you a commissioning document covering all the steps.

We also give you a maintenance booklet.

Gas Detector Rental Ivry-sur-Seine


Gas detector users should be trained in operating these devices. Training should cover :

  • Risks associated with gases which are likely to be present
  • Functioning and proper use of detectors (checking the proper functioning)
  • What procedure to follow in the event an alarm goes off

Any person who uses personal protective equipment, such as a portable gas detector, must know the basics of gas detection to ensure the safe use of gas detectors and minimize any risks associated with working in high-risk areas. This is why Gaz Protec Services offers training, either on-site or in your training centres.

Teaching objectives: this training aims at understanding the main risks associated with the presence of gases, be aware of the main health hazards and, above all, be able to use the various gas detectors.

Target audience: gas detection training is intended for anyone who is likely to or has to work in hazardous areas.

Gas Detector Rental Ivry-sur-Seine

Theoretical module on Explosiveness :

  • Definition of the main concepts: lower explosive limit and upper explosive limit
  • Explosive limits of the most common gases
  • Detection method and sensor technologies used
  • Poisons and cell inhibitors
  • Bump tests & calibrations with combustible gas correlation table

Toxicity :

  • Definition of the main concepts: exposure limit value and average exposure value.
  • Specific examples of TWA (Time Weighted Average) and STEL (Short-Term Exposure Limit) for the most common on-site gases
  • Detection method and sensor technology used
  • Importance of bump test and calibration

Anoxia :

  • Air composition under normal conditions
  • Health effects of an oxygen-depleted environment
  • Confined spaces and specific hazards
Gas Detector Rental Ivry-sur-Seine

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